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Initiate Your On-line Presence:

computer graphicIntimidated by technology and the task of putting together a Web site? Now more than ever it's imperative that you be on-line, whether you use a free blogging platform or a more indepth and dynamic Web site.

The Yellow Pages are definitely not out of style, but more likely than not, if someone is looking for services such as yours, or is seeking more information about you as an artist, the Internet is one of the first places they'll go. Don't let your HTML fears allow opportunities to pass you by. If you're not on-line, you'll be left behind.

» Your First Step
» Let Me Build It For You
» Starter Web Site Features
» What Will Cost You Extra
» Learn to Build It Yourself
» What You Should Do to Prepare

Your First Step:

Fill out an assessment form. It will help you to better understand the overall goals for your site, and it will assist me in finding the best ways to communicate your message, values and services clearly and effectively.

If this is for a new Web site
DOWNLOAD: Web Design Assessment Form (doc)

For the redesign of a current site
DOWNLOAD : Visual Identity Assessment Form (doc)

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Let Me Build It for You

Tried it out on your own, but feel like you've created one hot mess? I can also tweak and revamp a current site or blog, if that's more in your choosing, and provide you with pointers so that you can continue developing it on your own.

Within a few days, I can design a clean and lightweight starter site that you can easily maintain either through:

Dreamweaver (Web design program, managed from your desktop, with files uploaded to your Web host)
WordPress (installed through a Web host, managed via the Web)
Concrete5 (installed through iPage or HostPapa, managed via the Web)
Blogger (a free blogging platform managed via the Web)

Together we can discuss the differences, pros and cons of each of these options to see which is best suited to your needs.

Starter Web Site Features:

• A responsive, customized template (it will resize for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing)
• W3-compliant (it will be tested for major Web browser compatibility)
• CSS (tableless, which makes it easier for Web crawlers and accessibility)
• Dreamweaver, WordPress/Concrete5 CMS, or blog-based site
• SEO (search engine optimized)
• Content insertion for your main menu (10 single pages max.)
• Favicon (a.k.a. favourites icon, which is the graphic for your URL)
• Social media buttons so that your pages are shareable
• Green energy Web host set up, if needed
• Insert of up to 3 PayPal buttons, if needed
• Insert of up to 3 widgets, plugins and/or scripts (e.g., mailing list signup form, php contact forms, etc.)
• Basic tutorial on how to maintain your site

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What You Won't Get:

• Site submission to search engines
• Content writing, proofreading or copy editing
• e-Commerce accounts or shopping carts
• Flash (which you should be avoiding like the plague)

What Will Cost You Extra:

• Content writing, copy editing or proofreading
• Setup and content insertion exceeding 10 single pages (main menu)
• Insert of more than 3 widgets/plugins
• Digital photography
• Logo design
• Bilingual Web sites

Please request a quote for design requests that fall outside the scope of my starter Web site package.

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Learn to Build It Yourself

Because I'm big on DIY, I can teach you the basics of creating a site using a free blogging platform.

» Read more about this option...

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What You Should Do to Prepare:

1. Sign up with a Web host. If you want to use a free blogging platform and prefer not to use a Web host, then get a Gmail account in the title of your business/name to maintain consistency and professionalism. However, it is much better that you go with a Web host — you will have domain e-mail, which when used will help drive folks to your site, and you will have a lot more control and options.

If you don't have a Web host, I would suggest either iPage or HostPapa (which is a Canadian company, if that's important to you). Both are green energy Web hosts, have affordable rates, provide excellent customer service and have strong features. I can assist you with any questions you may have around domain set up or transfer if needed.

2. Have a high-quality logo. Resolution should be 72 dpi, jpg/png file at approximately 1,000 pixels (800 kb). Your logo file should not smaller than 400 kb.

If you don't have a logo, then you have a couple of options:

• OPTION A: You can just use the default text in the header of your site.
• OPTION B: If you have a standardized way that you've been using text (i.e., a specific font, special styling of the font, placement...etc.) on your other marketing materials, then I can simply create a jpg from it.
• OPTION C: Or, I can create a simple text-based logo from a basic idea that you have (this option will cost you extra).

3. Write out all of your content. Separate content by the titles of your main menu and save in a single document. Make sure it is edited and without errors and typos. Also, keep in mind that shorter paragraphs make for easier reading on the Net.

4. Compile all of your images. Colour correct and crop your images as needed. Save as shortened-title.jpg (dashes only to separate words, no underscores) at a resolution of 72 dpi. Size of your image file should be approximately 700kb (like 6 x 9 inches/1,ooo pixels, or thereabouts). If an image file is over 1 MB, it is too big.

5. Compile all of your pdfs. If you want pdfs attached to a link on your page, make sure that each pdf file is appropriately titled and is smaller than 2 MB.

6. Compile all URLS needed for embedded media. For example, if you have a Flickr, YouTube, BandCamp, or related account with your media/images on it, then I will need the URL in order to embed it on your site.

7. Compile any social media links. E.g., Facebook, BandCamp, Tumblr, Twitter, podcasting link, etc.

8. Have ready your analytics code, if you're already signed up with Google Anayltics or an alternate provider.

9. Write out a short description regarding the content of each page. This information will be placed in your meta description tags and will assist in the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site. Your descriptions should be brief and no more than 135 characters. Not sure as to what this part means? Read this article for some basic background info or contact me.

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