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Site Specifics: Creating a Web Site with a Blog

Talk about intimidating! Coding, geeky techy terms, the costs, the programs...when all you ever wanted to do with a computer was check e-mails and use it as a word processor. It's enough to make you want to rock it old school and forget all this on-line nonsense.

Well, my dear, things don't have to feel this way. Allow me take you on that wonderful journey of building your site using a blog.

Easily, you can learn how to build an attractive, clean and professional looking site for your practice and business. Blogs are a wonderful, affordable option, offering you control over the construction of a Web site. A solid alternative from the intimidating world of Web creation, with some simple know-how and basic HTML/XHTML skills, blogging platforms offer a user-friendly option for those who are not technically-inclined.

These sessions will familiarize you with blogging software, site architecture, basic HTML and how to utilize these free platforms to construct a basic Web site for your business.

What's Going to Happen?

Using either Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress, together we will set you up, add your logo, menu and content. Session one, I will be walking you through the front end of the program as you set up the framework for your site and start to add in some of your content. Now familiarized, you will continue on your own until our second session when we will continue to complete your site, aided by some technical exposure to the back end of your program.

By the end of these two sessions, you will feel competent and confident in maintaining your site.

What You Should Do to Prepare:

1. Get your basic content together, including logo.

2. Write out all of your content in an organized fashion, save in a text file (like MS Word).

3. Compile all of your images and save as shortened-title.jpg (only use dashes to separate words, no underscores) at a resolution of 72 dpi.

4. Collect any links, if needed, and save them in a text file (like MS Word).


Please contact me to discuss your specific site needs and questions.

Format: One-on-One, hands-on tutuorial
Duration: two 90-minute sessions within 2 weeks 
Ongoing e-mail support for two months following this tutorial
Cost: $300

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