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Business One-on-One

Business One-on-One

About this Program:

You know that your business needs an overhaul — you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't know it to be true. Easily, warning signs may be that:

» You have a really hard time articulating exactly what your business does
» You're always trying to expand, even though you're incapable of handling it
» You can't describe your preferred client or her concerns
» You are also clueless as to who your competition is
» You're scrambling all the time
» You're visual identity (brand/messaging) is consistently inconsistent
» You couldn't begin to explain what your company does best...among other things

The aim of this mentorship is to get you focused (which is the overarching issue that's weakening your business), develop a doable model for managing your business and to change the ways in which priorities are set.

Much of the content has crossover to our "Don't Get Good..." seminar and e-course, but by working one-on-one, the same content will be covered with a very flexible, organic and customized approach.

Broken into eight one-hour sessions, we will meet twice a month over the course of four months. You will be guided through various exercises, readings, journaling and a lot of homework, which you will be doing between sessions. You will also be actively requesting feedback from clients, staff, colleagues and anyone else who has been closely connected to your business as directed.

In other words, you will be expected to put in nothing short of a lot of hard work.

When this mentorship is finished, you will have gained direction, clarity and a strong foundation on which your business can grow.

Contact me to discuss what issues you need help with.


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Format: One-on-One
Two 0ne-hour sessions per month.
Must be willing to make a 4-month commitment.
Cost: $800

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