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About this e-Course:

I'll tell it to you straight: Business plans are a waste of time and are silly, frilly nonsense. Unless you are in need of loans, you can feel quite satisfied in knowing that you should avoid them like the plague.

Yet there is a lot to be said about mapping out some concrete ideas, descriptions, and goals when it comes to your creative or healing business. And no, thinking about them doesn't count. Those wonderful thoughts will just get lost in the clutter of everything else going on in your head. And that, my friend, is a proven fact. You'd be better off to pull out a Moleskin and start jotting a few things down....

But creating an action plan doesn't have to be complicated or feel like drudgery, and what you will find is that having a marketing strategy will help you refine the way you speak about what you do, how you promote your services and will give you a much better grip on what you thought you knew about your clients and audience. And what your clients and audience experience of your business will be all that much better.

I would argue that for more than any other group of people, a marketing plan is essential for healers and artists who run a business. Just because you're creative or see yourself as being of service, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be practicing some business basics.

If you really want to help others or share your creative gifts, then it is imperative that you be able to market yourself and your abilities effectively and efficiently by communicating what is unique about what you do to the people who are in need of what have to offer. Marketing strategies help clarify goals, identify preferred clients and convey one’s unique hook.

A business without a marketing plan is like sitting in a rocking chair and telling everyone you're moving forward. Creative and holistic business owners do a disservice to those who need their services by not marketing and promoting themselves. If you really want to be of service, get out of that rocking chair and get real.

This on-line course will walk you through all the necessary steps to create a practical marketing plan, while coupled with exercises to bring mindfulness to your approach and awareness of limiting beliefs that you can change.

Based on the "Don't Get Good..." seminar curriculum, this on-line version will benefit those who are self-directed, motivated and willing to put the time and effort into readings, homework, journaling and exercises.

You will benefit from peer and mentor feedback through on-line discussions and a supportive, engaging environment to network with your peers. Upon completion, you will have a personalized, year-long action plan, a very strong focus for your business, a practical promotional strategy and increased confidence on how to move forward.

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What to Expect:

I will be posting new classes first thing Monday mornings (EST). This e-course will be in text format because, universally, it is the most accessible form of communication on the Net. However, there will also be accompanying links to supplementary articles and videos. It is recommended that class posts and these supplementary materials be printed and saved in a binder for your future reference.


Seriously. I'm not even nearly kidding.

You will have a lot of homework. I will be giving you exercises in pdfs that must be completed before moving on to the following class. I suggest putting aside 45 minutes everyday to work on these exercises, and I do not suggest completing them the night before a new session starts as you won't benefit from peer feedback and the quality of your answers may be poor.

I can't make you do anything, but I will tell you this:

This e-course is modular, meaning that the work you do in one session IS the groundwork for the following session. I guarantee that if you don't do the exercises, homework and readings, you will not reap the benefits. But if you do, I guarantee that you will.

I will be partnering you with participants who best complement your business so that you will have ongoing support when off-line.

All participants will be expected to share homework notes when directed. You will also have access to each other through messaging on the course blog, which I will be monitoring and will also provide feedback.

You will have two one-on-one, 30-minute Skype sessions with me (or by phone, if you're local): one check-in session midway through and a second one at the tail end of this program.

You must have:

• A Gmail account in order to log into the course blog.
• Regular access to a computer to use the Internet with ease.
• Ability to open files easily with Adobe Reader.
• Ability to print files, links and homework.
Skype installed and working on your computer.

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Who is this course is designed for?

• Those who need help with and run a creative or holistic business
• Those who are starting a creative or healing arts business

What's Covered?

• Exploring Your Business Belief Systems
• Finding Your Focus
• What is Marketing?
• Drafting Your Sales Goals
• Defining Your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)
• Defining Your Niche
• How to Create Your Mission Statement
• Defining Your Value Proposition
• Defining Your Preferred Client
• Your Niche Demographics
• Knowing Your Competitors
• Creating Your Pricing Structure
• Political, Economic, Social & Technological (PEST) Analysis
• Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT)
• Charting a Promotional Strategy
• Charting Your Needs & Assistance
• Creating Partnerships
• Sponsorship & Volunteer Development
• Creating Policies & Procedures
• Making a Year-Long Plan

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Books Participants Should Read:

I'm suggesting these books as good supplementary reading before, during and after this e-course. You'll know what resonates most with you:

Against the Stream by Noah Levine 
The Artist’s Guide by Jackie Battenfield
The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam 
Get Clients Now! by CJ Hayden 
I’d Rather Be in the Studio! by Alyson B. Stanfield
Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny
Think and Grow Rich by Dennis Kimbro & *Napoleon Hill

*Original version by Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich can be read on-line here.

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Some Notes on Registration

Read the full description of this course to make sure that this is what you're looking for. If you're still not sure, then get in touch with me and I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

• Payment can be made on-line via PayPal.
• To pay by bank transfer or cheque, please contact me.
• Read my Payment & Refund Policy before making a transaction.

After you register, you will first receive:

• Your receipt of registration
• One intake and one assessment form

Both forms must be filled out and sent back to me well in advance of the first class. Once they are received, I will follow up by phone or Skype to briefly discuss where you are at presently with your business and what you'd like to accomplish with this class.

Only after we have gone through these steps, will you receive:

• The course outline
• Course blog login information

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Register for this e-Course

Future dates: TBA
Format: On-line (20 participants maximum)
Duration: 10 weeks 
Cost: $450
$395  for CARFAC Ontario and CADA-ON Members

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