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Our Specialty:

MorenaMedia's specialty is marketing plan development for small businesses. These action plans flourish on strong creativity, relationship-building and communications. They are 90% of what comprises the tedious, standard business plan (which, besides being an unbelievable snore, is a huge waste of time unless you're seeking loans and investments). That said, a marketing plan is the only real plan you need.

Making Ideas Happen by Hugh McLeod of GapingVoid

Illustrations by Hugh McLeod

Who We Work With:

I mentor self-employed artists who run, or who are starting, a creative or healing arts business. I care deeply about their talents and the services they are providing. I take what they're doing very seriously and expect them to do the same. Those who have received, and continue to reap, the greatest benefits from working with MorenaMedia have been committed. And committed clients are the only ones that I am willing to work with.

Working with MorenaMedia will be right for you if you are:

• Willing to commit to, attend and prepare for regular sessions
• Willing to do homework in between our sessions
• Willing to move beyond your comfort zone
• Willing to try new ideas
• Willing to release old methods of doing things that haven't been working
• Willing to actively explore and change your attitude on limiting beliefs
• Willing to hear honest feedback
• Willing to be self-motivated

One-on-One, Hourly Consultations

If you're stuck with a new or ongoing problem and need short-term assistance, then an hour-long session may be all that you need with the aid of resources found on this site. Sessions are conducted primarily via Skype, phone and e-mail; on rare occasions, I may meet in person.
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Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Finding your focus
• Identifying what is unique about your service
• Creating partnerships or a volunteer program
• Initiating your Web presence
• Creating a 12-month action plan
• Creating a sales model or promotional strategy
• Researching your market and identifying your ideal client
• Setting your rates, exploring pricing conflicts and poverty mindset

One Business Intensive, Three Options

Business One-on-One

4-Month Business Mentorship
Based on our "Don't Get Good..." seminar curriculum, but with more flexibility and personalization, these hour-long sessions are held twice per month via Skype or phone, with ongoing e-mail access to me between sessions. Business One-on-One requires a four-month commitment.
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Don't Get Good at What You Don't Want to Be Doing

8-Week Business Development Intensive for Self-Employed Artists & Healers
This intensive is open to a maximum of eight people, who will be guided through the necessary steps, excercises and homework needed to create a practical marketing plan with a year-long strategy. Participants are expected to commit to one group session per week for eight weeks.
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Don't Get Good at What You Don't Want to Be Doing

10-Week Business Building e-Course
This is the on-line version of our "Don't Get Good..." business intensive.
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DIY Web-Building

Site Specifics

Web Site Building with a Blog
Two 90-minute hands-on sessions will show you how to build a starter Web site with a free blogging platform.
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All offerings start by looking at the results of your intake assessment form, which I ask of all clients to fill out prior to hire. Taking into account the issues you'd like to focus on, I preview the present state of your business (or business idea), in terms of where you'd like it to be and the steps I've identified to get it there.

Questions are always welcome. Please contact me by e-mail.