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Assessing Your Needs

stackedstonesThe following questionnaires are designed to assess your current situation. They focus on two main areas: your visual identity and marketing.

In my experience, these ARE your key concerns when promotion, client outreach, sales, or re-direction are issues. They are pretty much the foundation of any business endeavour or professional practice.

Whether you work on your own, or with MorenaMedia, I strongly encourage you to read through these assessment forms, get input from others not connected to your business when directed, and answer all of the questions. Believe me, it will serve you well to do so.

Often we assume that one issue is the source of our problem, but the questionnaires will show you that there are other areas in your business to consider, which will be connected to your main issue at hand. Yes, they may appear lengthy, but they are well worth the time to answer.

A completed copy of the questionnaire most suited to your situation is required before your initial consultation.


Download Self-Assessment Forms

Needs assessment forms are Microsoft Word doc files and should be saved as a pdf once completed and sent back to MorenaMedia.

1. Visual Identity Self-Assessment Form

So just what is a “visual identity?” It’s how you visually communicate exactly what you and your business do. Be careful not to assume that fancy design is all you need. It’s not. Your visual identity includes how you dress the part for clients, what your promotional materials look like, the feel and navigation of your Web site and how consistently you present this messaging to others.

It’s the information you make available to your audience when you’re not around to provide further details and clarification. This is key in communicating your message, values and services to those who are in most need of them.

This Visual Identity Self-Assessment Form is best suited for those who are creating or revamping their blog or Web site, but it will also be of benefit to those who are using it to assess the effectiveness of their promotional materials in general. To truly benefit from this questionnaire don’t cheat! It is imperative that you answer all questions with as much detail as possible. Where required, you must acquire feedback from others who are not a part of your company. This assessment will provide you with an objective perspective of where you are now and what you really need to focus on. I guarantee that you will find this exercise valuable.

DOWNLOAD: Visual Identity Self-Assessment Form (doc)

2. Marketing Self-Assessment Form

A marketing plan is a plan of action for selling your products and services. It is backed by carefully collected information on your audience and clients, competitors in your field and the general environment in which your business is operating.

It will give you great focus, enabling you to recognize and take action on any trends and client preferences that other businesses are not meeting. It should also outline the practical steps you will be taking to create a sustainable business.

Your plan should map out how you will communicate the value of your products and services to those who are greatly in need of them. Overall, it should reinforce what is special and unique about what you do.

The Marketing Self-Assessment Form is straight forward. You are given only "yes" or "no" options, so paying attention to what you currently are not doing is key to understanding how strong your present marketing efforts have or have not been.

DOWNLOAD: Marketing Self-Assessment Form (doc)