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Our Purpose

Ouroboros from logoMorenaMedia provides business mentorship to self-employed artists who work in the creative and healing arts.

Artist-run, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the challenges faced by creative small and solo business owners, MorenaMedia connects artistic passion, social purpose and mindfulness to practical business approaches in marketing, promotion and planning.

Why We Are Needed

grafpowerMost artists and healers experience serious overwhelm when it comes to embracing basic business strategies that will support and promote their services and creative projects.

We have raging insecurities when it comes to promoting ourselves; many of us struggle with a poverty mindset that keeps us constantly underearning and under charging for what we do; and, our negative beliefs about "business" are distorted by associations to materialism and greed.

Worse still, we are doubly disrespected by our educational institutions, which don't even offer us proper training on becoming, at the very least, a sole proprietor in our fields (and "professional development" classes just don't cut it). It's no wonder we have such an aversion to embracing reasonable business strategies that could be supporting the valuable work that we do.

And as a fellow practicing artist, I get it.

I can tell you from my years of experience working with a variety of indie, art and non-profit ventures, that marketing and promotion strategies can be deeply creative, community-focused, and unbelievably fulfilling. "Business" is not a bad word and is nothing to fear. It is about building relationships with those who are hungry to support you, who want to know where to find you and who are in need of a solution to a problem that your services can provide.

Who Runs T'ings?

Karen Miranda AugustineKaren Miranda Augustine, MA

Karen Miranda is known for being a relentless initiator, "a taskmaster" as noted by one of her clients, and far from being a coddler, as so aptly phrased by art blog maven Joanne Mattera.

Influenced by her working-class roots, the DIY ethic of punk, and creative countercultural ventures, years shy out of high school, she established and published a non-profit art magazine, which she ran on community support, guerilla marketing, broad-based networking, and a roster of 20 volunteers.

Since then, she has banked over 15 years of engaged working experience for artist-run centres, charitable non-profits, small presses, and independent film companies, while maintaining her artistic practice along with 11 years spent hosting a weekly radio program on CKLN 88.1 FM. Her strengths lie in communications and marketing, volunteer and partnership development, Web management and design for small, creative businesses and independents.

An independent learner, strong willed by nature and an obnoxiously proud undergrad dropout, Karen Miranda holds a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University. Rumour has it, she wears the overpriced piece of paper as a hat, while waving to passersby (like she's the Queen) in Kensington Market.